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* a full service landscape company
* emphasis on organic methods
* serving MV since 1986

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We plant flower, herb and vegetable gardens. The organic methods we use ensure your produce will be healthy and delicious.
Fruit trees and berry bushes create a beautiful and engaging landscape. Our experienced and knowledgable garden crew can get you started.
Evergreens and hedges work well to define your yard and create privacy. We can design an installation for your property, discuss options and other landscape strategies.

  1. beautiful hydrangea
    beautiful hydrangea
  2. hedge row
    hedge row
  3. flower rose-of-sharon
    flower rose-of-sharon
  4. herb garden
    herb garden
  5. vegetable garden
    vegetable garden
  6. rock garden
    rock garden
  7. flower garden
    flower garden
  8. garden
  9. vegetable garden
    vegetable garden
  10. pond garden
    pond garden
  11. garden fence
    garden fence
  12. garden peas
    garden peas
  13. basil garden
    basil garden
  14. apple tree
    apple tree
  15. fruit tree
    fruit tree
  16. rock garden
    rock garden
  17. evergreen hedge
    evergreen hedge
  18. evergreen trees
    evergreen trees
  19. walkway plantings
    walkway plantings
  20. trees
  21. tree installation
    tree installation
  22. wildflower garden
    wildflower garden
  23. garden daffodils
    garden daffodils
  24. trees